Eco-Fashion | Art and Design: Saving The Chiapas Cloud Forests With Photography

Angie Hsu, Ford NY, Backdrop: Broderson
Hand-woven draped hemp and felt dress from Cooper's "Blue Series.
"The blue wash of this Organic Portraits Polaroid emulates deep waters,
which give this series a tranquil and soothing visual effect.

The highly respected and experienced Photographer John F. Cooper
is currently involved in creating a Book Project called
Organic Portraits
in a beautiful series of timeless images. 
Organic Portraits is sponsored by non-profit arts
service organization, Fractured Atlas.
Contributions  may be earmarked for
support of the Organic Portraits project,
and are tax-deductible. Contact them

The concept of the series links the basic human elements of beauty
and sensuality to the awe-inspiring elements of nature.
Each image is created utilizing natural elements in unique hair fabrications.

Best of all...
'Organic Portraits' Project series benefits
Nature Conservancy's Chiapas Rainforest Fund 

Lyndsay, Elite NY, Backdrop: NV Bar & Lounge Fondly referred to as "the Statue of Liberty" Portrait, this strong yet defiantly feminine pose lends way to the powerful aura of Mother Nature.

Images from the Organic Portraits Series


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  2. The models and the outfits blow me away,
    Away up into the sky; my oh my.
    I can't turn my eyes from them.
    Each a beautiful woman in an intriging pose,
    Wearing some really spectacular clothes.

  3. MikeB! ha! a bit of prose for the pose?
    well, ok, then;
    What better way
    to be blown away today...
    Than to stop and to stare
    at what beautiful women wear?!
    (...apologies!) ;-)

  4. I love your response, Stephanie. It's nice to have some poetry in your soul. No apologies necessary.

    And I love to look at a beautiful woman, not just the clothes. But I hope I am never caught staring. I guess staring would be rude.

  5. ha! guess staring would be rude...but only if you're caught! ;-) And I'm not sure if I speak for many women or not, but I am not offended when someone stares - I often take it as a compliment...! It's nice to be appreciated, even if someone does it by staring!

  6. OK, I am going to start at your picture now!
    Just think of all the missed opportunities to say something nice to a stranger. Costs nothing but a few moments of our time, and we do have a lot of time. Let's not waste it. And so I am going to take this opportunity (even though you are not really a stranger) to say you have a lovely face and -- I can tell from your blog posts -- a sweet soul.

  7. thanks so much for your wonderful compliment MikeB! I hope so - and am honored knowing that someone thinks that. Very much obliged to you for your kindness in saying so.