Fav Quote Friday | Eco Lifestyle: To Live Well, Take Huichol Mindset To Heart

"Humankind must be a Steward of the Earth;  
caretakers for all that dwells upon it..." 

~Huichol Shaman

May we continue to have
a Happy and Beautiful
Earth Day!

Earth Day is Sunday 4/22,
but we are celebrating all month long,
and we live it all year.
We hope you will too!


  1. I think to celebrate I will take a walk by the beach. Especially since today I was indoors all day, tutoring a 5th grader in math, doing some repair work on the garage ceiling, and gettng some other things done. Time for some sun and fresh air.

  2. beautiful, MikeB! Sounds a perfect way to celebrate!
    You are lucky to live near to the sea, too, because, aside from the deep forest, there's nothing quite as restorative! Enjoy!

  3. I should walk by the ocean more often. I get busy in the morning with bills, paperwork, chores, and most of the time I end up walking in the neighborhood or on a treadmill. But the ocean and the fresh sea air and the breaking waves are indeed restorative.

  4. You have just reminded me to do so today! thanks MikeB! That would be a perfect antidote to a busy week!

  5. Go down to the beautiful sea.
    Soak in the air coming off the waves.
    Let the the sun shine on your face.
    Enjoy, feel, be.