Happy Birthday! Happy Earth Day! Celebrate With Us!

Happy Birthday!

Happy Earth Day!

We're Celebrating!
Beau Monde Organics will be 2 years old tomorrow!
We will be celebrating our second anniversary 
and also Earth Day, in a month- long celebration!
We will be getting together with other friends
also have a mission of positive change
living well in eco-style!

We want you to join us! 

And we'd love to have you help us grow into next year.
We're so grateful for your support,
and to thank you, we'll be having fun activities, offering prizes, gifts,
and of course, some major big-ass Sale discounts!

We'll announce our partners to you soon,
along with other  details, so stay-tuned!
FOR YOUR BEST CHANCE to win, If you really want to be in
on the best of what we'll have to offer,
SIGN UP TODAY on our Living Beautifully' mailing list...
Go to Beau Monde Organics  website,
enter your name and e-mail in the box on the left!
You'll instantly receive a code good for 10% off your first order!
More to come after that!

Next best is to join us on both Facebook and Twitter!
There will be some site-specific specials for you as a fan or follower!

Hoping you will accept my invitation!
I'd love to have you celebrate with me. 

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for your support!