Meet Alyssa Of Cavewoman Bars- Today's Ambassador Of Positive Change!

We are celebrating 2nd Birthday/Earthday all month long,
with you and with our partners. 
I'll be introducing them to you this week!
We'll also let you know about any sales, giveaways or promotions 
are running, and let you know how you can get in on the action!
Our Mission is for peaceful, positive change.
I call those that work towards that same goal our
Ambassadors of Positive Change.
They can help you live well in eco-friendly style.
Each contributes to creating a life that helps you to feel
you are truly Living Beautifully, in every aspect of your life.

I can't wait to let you know about them all!
But for today, I'll tell you about ...
Today's Amabassador Of Positive Change: 
The CaveWoman
Ok, so she doesn't look like one,
but she cooks like one!

Alyssa Boyle

Alyssa Boyle is the creator of 'Cavewoman Bars'
a collection of amazingly delicious, healthy snack bars,
made from whole, unprocessed foods,
like our ancestors
used to gather in nature:
Nuts, Berries, Fruit and Spices! Most of the ingredients are raw and many are organic and local. Cavewoman Bars are Vegan, and do NOT contain any Dairy, Soy,
Wheat, Gluten,
Animal Products or Added Sugar. They come in five cool flavors! And they are Made In USA - actually, right here in Burbank, CA!

So her bars are a great way to eat healthier,
and have fun doing it!

There will be upcoming Giveaways, 
that will include a box Cavewoman Bars.
Right now, you can get a taste of her bars at a great sale price!

If you really would like what she's doing, perhaps you would
consider contributing to her project on Kickstarter

Be sure to visit her on her Facebook page!
Follow on Twitter and sign up for her Newsletter

You'll be hearing about Alyssa, and also 4 other amazing women in he coming month.
And all will have something wonderful to offer you!