Meet Ellie Yamane Of ForeverGreen: Today's Ambassador of Positive Change!

 We are still celebrating 2nd Birthday/Earth Day all month long,
with you,  and with our partners!

I'll be continuting to introduce them to you this week!
We'll also let you know about any sales, giveaways or promotions they
are running, and let you know how you can get in on the action!

Our Mission is for peaceful, positive change. I call those that work towards that same goal our Ambassadors of Positive Change.
They can help you live well in eco-friendly style. Each contributes to creating a life that helps you
to feel
you are truly Living Beautifully, in every aspect of your life.

I can't wait to let you know about them all!
Yesterday, I told you about Alyssa Boyle and Cavewoman Bars.
Today, let me introduce you to

Ellie works with a fantastically innovative company,
producing amazing eco-friendly products,
mainly from a single, incredibly sustainable resource. 
It's one of the best gifts from the planet that exists.
Can you guess what it is?

Ellie's works with ForeverGreen,
a company that stands for Health, Kindness, and Opportunity.
Through Versativa, the eco brand of the company,
they are on a mission to bring back hemp.
They produce a number of exclusive hemp products,
ncluding hemp seed raw food products and snack bars,
and even
THE first treeless, biodegradable hemp Toilet Paper!
Her company also offers ways to build your own business.

Check out the video below and enter her site to learn more!

Order any ForeverGreen product this month
from Ellie directly by e-mail or by phone,
and mention were referred by Stephanie,
you'll get a FREE roll of
Greenex Hemp Toilet Paper with your order!
(a minimum order is required - ask Ellie for details!)
Connect with Ellie on her blog, her website and sign up for her Newsletter
 Call Ellie at 818-971-9011 if you have questions or want to order!
Learn more about Versativa

Connect with Ellie on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest
Her personal website is here.

 You'll be hearing about more amazing women all this week!
And all will have something wonderful to offer you!

Keep living beautifully!