Meet Joy Light Of JoySilk - Today's Ambassador Of Positive Change!

 JoySilk Capelet/Poncho, available on Joy's Etsy shop

We are still celebrating 2nd Birthday/Earth Day all month long,
you, and with our partners!

Here's another wonderful introduction for you this week!
I'm also letting you know about any sales, giveaways or promotions
are running, and how you can get in on the action!

Our Mission is for peaceful, positive change.
I call those that work towards that same goal our Ambassadors of Positive Change.

They can help you live well in eco-friendly style.
Each contributes to creating a life that helps you
to feel
you are truly Living Beautifully, in every aspect of your life.

I'm having fun letting you know about all of them!

Monday, I told you about Alyssa Boyle and Cavewoman Bars.
Tuesday we introduced Ellie and Versativa

Today, let me introduce you to

Joy Light!

 Meet talented silk artist, Joy Light, owner and artist of Joy Silk,
who hand paints her designs onto silk scarves, ruanas and more!


Shawl/Ruana in fiery Cayenne, from her webshop

She is adept at many silk painting techniques,including shibori,
and uses eco-safe (non-toxic aqueous) colors to paint her silks.
She also creates unique products, so she can
dress you from head to toe in her art! 

All hand made in USA ...Ashland Oregon, to be precise! 

Besides her e-commerce website, JoySilk.
She also has a wonderful shop on Etsy and 
frequently offers special offers and discounts
on her wonderful pieces. 

She has one for you right now!
15% off any item in her Etsy shop!
Use code
 now through the end of April! 

 Joy is also celebrating Earth Day, with the creation of 
of her 'Earthsong' Scarflet, which will debut 
by being presented to 30 eco-conscious celebrities

'Earthsong' Scarflet

 Also available is the  'Earthsong' scarf /ruana.
Inspired by Bernhart Edmaier’s book,
– a spectacular color set of earthy greens, teal and cobalt. 
Available from her webshop

 an inside look of Joys' studio

Connect with Joy on her blog, Planet Joy, and on
her Facebook Page, Twitter and Pinterest  

 Shots of the versatile Earthsong Scarlet,
a special item created for Earth Day 2012
Pre-Order your own from her Etsy shop 
And again, if you use the code ETSYXO you can 
take  15% off !
-now through the end of April!


  1. Stephanie, thank you so much! I am truly honored to have been chosen as an Ambassador of Positive Change! We celebrate Beau Monde Organics second birthday and Earth Day with the launch of our brand new Earthsong Scarflette fashion accessory.

    Please visit our Etsy Shoppe and take advantage of 15% savings with the coupon ETSYXO entered during checkout. Also, save 25% on all styles and colors at with coupon code BEAUTY entered during checkout.

    We feel very fortunate to share the moment with Beau Monde Organics as an Ambassador of Positive Change! Please visit Planet Joy (our blog to learn more about our charitable activities.

    May you walk in beauty,

  2. What a great article. I'm honored to own one of Joy's scarves and her work is truly stunning!

  3. You're so very welcome Joy! We're honored to know you, and happy to let others know about the work you do and ways in which you create positve change! and Thanks! for the EXTRA surprise discount on the webshop items! Very cool! Tahks so much for being a part of our 2nd Anniversary celebrations!

  4. EdenSong Essentials, how kind of you to stop by to let me know you liked it! I agree with you, Joy's work truly is stunning! I hope to own one myself someday! Thanks you so much for your comment!
    Organically, yours,

  5. Joy's work is truly beautiful! Thanks for sharing her talents with us.

  6. Love Joy! such beautiful items, from a beautiful person.

  7. Thank you for your comment, Shelley! We agree, and find that her motto from her Planet Joy blog says it all...
    "Beauty Rules On Planet Joy"!

  8. We do too, Yankee Burrow Creations! I think that both her work and her personality truly embody her given name: Joy Light! We are lucky share in her world of beauty! Thanks for stopping by to comment!

  9. I am so flattered by the comments, thanks to both Stephanies, Debbie and Shelley for your kind words. I love to do what I do! And I am so fortunate to be surrounded by a tremendous circle of supportive friends and colleagues! What's your favorite colors SG?

  10. You deserve the accolades, my friend!
    My favorite color? Can't really pick one, as it changes with the day and mood, but most often centers around purples, mauves, blues & teals...much like those in the poncho pic at the top of this post!