Meet Kirsten Korot To Relax, Release and Rejuvenate - Today's Ambassador of Positive Change!

Continuing celebrations for Happy Birthday/Earth Day
all month long, with you and with our partners.
I've been introducing them to you all this week!

And letting you know about any 
sales, giveaways or promotions they are running,
so you can get in on the action!

Our Mission is for peaceful, positive change.
I call those that work towards that same goal our Ambassadors of Positive Change.
They can help you live well in eco-friendly style.
Each contributes to creating a life that helps you to feel
you are truly Living Beautifully, in every aspect of your life.

I'm having fun letting you know about all of them!

Monday, I told you about Alyssa Boyle and Cavewoman Bars.
Tuesday we introduced Ellie Yamane and
Wednesday, there was Joy Light at
Yesterday it was Chef Shelley Alexander of A Harmony Healing

Today we're happy to introduce you to

Kirsten Korot is  a Relaxation, Wellness and 'Soul Coach'.
She helps stressed-out and emotionally drained people 
to Relax, Release and Rejuvenate!
Kirsten has special talents that work to renew your spirit, 
release emotional blocks to your happiness,
and relax you in ways most treatments can't. 
Kirsten used this ancient method of healing as an aid to bring herself
from life-threatening illness to good health. She uses these
time-tested methods and modern guided imagery meditation 
techniques with her hand-hammered Tibetan 'Singing' Bowls, 
combining them in her signature style to create a soothing treatment
that releases all that keeps you stressed.
She calls her sessions 'Tibetan Bowl Sound Baths' 
and it is indeed like being enveloped in soothing sound environment.
For more about her work, on what you can
expect to experience and read the testimonials

of others that have already participated-(including me!), visit her website.


Right now is a great time to treat yourself to
this special treatment, as
Kirsten is doing a Giveaway!
Win a free Group Sound Bath! (a $25.00 Value!)
To enter, just 'Like' her
Facebook page (Blink of an Eye)
and comment about why you feel you are the one
who most needs to win a healing sound bath.
Kirsten will choose a Winner from all comments received!
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Are you ready to relax, and feel happier?
Don't wait, contact Kristen today!