Simple Pleasures: Springtime Flowers In Los Angeles

The Sierra Madre Wisteria Vine - Largest In the World

 It's Spring in Los Angeles!
And that means
that soon, if not already, the blooms of two
extraordinary plants
will herald in the season in spectacular fashion.
I speak of two I adore; Wisteria and Jacaranda!

Jacaranda trees carpet the street with dropped blossoms 

More of The Sierra Madre Wisteria Vine

Read more about the Sierra Madre Vine here
and more about Jacaranda trees here 


  1. Wisteria and Jacaranda.
    Beautiful colors. Stunning bit of nature in these two plants.

    Just gorgeous, these two.
    In their own way, like you:
    Outwardly by your face
    But, too, in the place
    You hold on this earth
    Of inestimable worth.

  2. Welcome back, MikeB! How wonderful to receive this gift this morning! Your words are , to me, also of 'inestimable worth'! with much gratitude...

  3. My pleasure. Thanks for the inspiration.

  4. @MikeB... from one ceative to another: so happy to know what I create is found to be inspiring!

  5. Some of your blog posts DO inspire poetry from my heart. Thanks for the inspiration.

  6. @MikeB - THAT makes me happy to know! thank you!!

  7. Stephanie - Can you tell me what street this is? I live in LA and love to visit the "Jacaranda Streets" ... the season is almost upon us!
    Thank you

  8. Hi Mary Joan!
    Yes, it'a almost Jacaranda time!
    and I do not know the location of the ones inthe shot shown here.
    You do not mention where you are in Los Angeles, so I've compiled a list of sorts,
    and you can go on as many Jacaranda Jaunts as you like; they bloom for about 6 weeks, give or take, dependent on the weather of the season.
    In the San Fernando Valley:
    Stansbury Street & Dixie Canyon Avenue, (near Valley Vista Boulevard), Sherman Oaks,
    as well as many spots throughout the Valley Glen, Sherman Oaks, Studio City area.
    Index Street, Granada Hills
    San Gabriel Valley:
    drive Pasadena, South Pasadena, San Marino and Alhambra, and you will see them throughout the neighborhoods
    at County Hall of Administration
    Palms & jacarandas line areas of The Miracle Mile
    Long Beach:
    2500 block of Ostrom Ave., 90815
    Beverly Hills:
    plenty, check out Whittier Street

    and if you find any spectacular ones, please send us a photo!