Simple Pleasures Sunday: Seaside Stroll

Simple Pleasures Sunday
I'm considering this topic
for a weekly feature; 
 What do you think...Would you enjoy that?

What are some of the simple pleasures you enjoy?
Let me know and I'll feature
your  Simple Pleasure!


  1. I like the idea. So many simple pleasures are free, and we should enjoy ourselves by partaking of these simple pleasures. One of mine is taking a walk by the ocean on a sunny day. Another is writing poetry.

  2. Hi MikeB! Sorry for my delays in responding! Been a bit too busy lately. But wanted to let you know that I love your Simple Pleasures! We both love seaside strolls, and looks like your other... will have to be a future post!

  3. Here is tonight's combination of ocean walks and poetry. About the dear one: my wife.

    I so enjoy my walks with ocean near,
    As I look out and watch the violent sea,
    And hold the hand of one who's very dear
    And who turns turmoil into calm for me.

  4. oh, so wonderful to receive this! thanks, MikeB, and seems a wonderful metphor for life in general - it's always good to have someone who helps you calm the turmoil!