Eco Fashion: An Answer To The Question 'How Should I Wear My Scarf?'

"How Should I Wear My Scarf?"

Today I've chosen to highlight
'The Starlet'...
because I saw  this great photo of
Elizabeth Taylor

wearing this classic scarf style
 in a scene from the movie 'Giant'.

 "How should I wear my scarf?"
is the most asked question I get from my customers.

'The Starlet' 

is our name for the scarf styling

sometimes called 'The Kelly'. It's named
after Princess Grace Kelly,
who famously
wore her scarf this dramatic way. 

I love helping you find out the many ways
to wear a Beau Monde Scarf, 
(or most any scarf, for that matter)!

To learn how to tie your own scarf in The Starlet, 
and to see other possibilities,
visit our 'How To Wear' section


or just let me know  your scarf styling question!


  1. I love Elizabeth Taylor in National Velvet. a beautiful child. And she sure knows how to show off a scarf.

  2. Elizabeth Taylor was only 12 years old when she debuted in National Velvet. And I agree, MikeB - when Elizabeth showing off her scarf style in Giant, it was 1956; she was 24 years old, and by then a major star!