Eco Fashion: Sharp Styled Shades From Colin Leslie

Eco Unit-T Bamboo Line of Eyewear

 Colin Ball is my friend and eco-buddy, and I'd like to
share his story with you. I'm proud to let
you know about his great line of eco-eyewear!

 Colin and Model at Fashion Show

 Colin Ball was injured while working his trade as a carpenter.
During his long recovery period,
he dreamt of other ways of making money.

Using both his extensive Asian traveling experience
and his 30+ years of woodworking skills, 
Colin launched  Colin Leslie Eyewear.

 Aviator style

Mother of Pearl

Deciding they had to be created of eco-friendly materials,
 he makes his line from sustainably-farmed bamboo 
and recycled plastics. He also puts twists on standard classic styles, 
making them appealing in both style and ethics.

Striped Black and White

In just a few years, Colin's eco-friendly sunglasses,
and now optical lens eyewear, is stocked
in many countries throughout Europe
and also Vietnam, with more to come.

Wide-Eye Bamboo

His latest 2012 Line was launched at
The Good Fashion Show 
during London Fashion Week.

 Colin has been noticed by celebrities in 
both UK and USA, including...

Ellen Hollman
(Spartacus Vengeance,
guest on Rules of Engagement, Medium),


 Trent Garrett (90210 and All My Children)

All of "Colin Leslie" have bamboo in the designs 
and are ethically sourced and handmade.
The Eco Unit T is 100% Eco-friendly line,
with farmed bamboo, (not cut wild from the forest)
recycled acetate frames.

 And the carry-pouch is 100% recycled PET 
(made from recycled plastic bottles)
and doubles as a cleaning cloth!
The sunglasses are UV400 rated.

If you can't find them locally - 
shop the website:
 Colin Leslie Eyewear 

...he ships worldwide!