Fav Quote Friday: What, Me Worry? Losing Stress By Getting Past Worrying


 When I was a kid, I used to love reading Mad Magazine.
It fed my love for humoristic satire and sarcasm.
It was ridiculously funny. 
It's mascot was the ever-grinning
Alfred E. Neuman
whose was always accompanied 
by his motto:
"What, Me Worry?"

That silly bon mot always cracked me up.
As an adult, it not only cracked me up,
but became a personal joke for me.
The more I worried, the more I enjoyed saying it, 
as it made fun of the absurdities of life.

But reality was, I worried.
I worried a lot.
About everything.

Not that I didn't have good reason, mind you.

Even so,
I decided I could not 
go on with all the worrying.
I was sure it was ruining my health.
There were times when, no matter how 
hard I tried to make it otherwise,
I would end up feeling like 
nothing more than

And at some point 
I had the same brilliant realization 
that Mark Twain 
had come to 
some time before me; 

So what if...
I waiting till things
actually happened 
before I worried about them!?

Funny thing, though;

Once I adopted that attitude,
I found that when something
really did 'happen', 
I was so busy taking care of it,
I was also too busy 
to be worried!

So, once again -
I enjoy the irony
of saying:
Me Worry?"