Eco Fashion: How To Tie Your Scarf In 3 Easy Steps: The Loop Wrap

Actress Live Tyler, wearing The Loop Wrap - Double Drop

Today's Scarf Style: The Loop Wrap
with Double Or Single Drop!

Another extremely popular
scarf style, and
an effortless way to get a  great look!

I'll show you how in 3 easy steps!

1. Holding both ends of scarf, use one
hand to loop scarf once around the neck

2. Adjust loop; pull ends to move loop closer to your neck
pull loop to move loop lower onto chest, to your preference. 

3. For Double Drop, pull dropped ends to
in front evenly or offset.
For Single Drop, move one end 
and tie or tuck into scarf folds behind neck.

Our Model Wendy, with The Loop Wrap - Double Drop

SkinnyScarf with The Loop Wrap - Double Drop

Rock Star StephenTyler, sporting Loop Wrap - Single Drop

Loop Wrap - Single Drop, with wrap loosely around neck

Celebrity Personality NIcole Ritchie with Loop Wrap - Double Drop, close to the neck

Our Model Charnice with the Loop Wrap - Double Drop, close to the neck

Let us know if you like to wear this
simple, yet dramatic, scarf style!

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