Simple Pleasures Sunday: Capturing Beauty By Waxing Poetic

 "Reading maketh a full man; 
conference a ready man; 
and writing an exact man."
~Francis Bacon

"So many simple pleasures are free, 
and we should enjoy ourselves
by partaking of these 
simple pleasures..."

"One of mine is taking a walk by the ocean on a sunny day..."


"...Another is writing poetry." ~MikeB


 (how about writing poetry the ocean?!)

Thanks to our follower, 
and friend MikeB for his 
Simple Pleasures Sunday

Wishing you all a Sunday full 
of whatever brings you simple pleasure!

photo credits: LonelyPlanet,, Jenny Kierstead,, Chris Murphy, zandeuk - via 0611


  1. Hi Stephanie,

    I decided to check your blog before going to sleep. I had been doing some online medical research for several hours for some ill family members, and I needed a break.

    And I find this post. I am honored that you have used one of my prior comments for this Simple Pleasures Sunday post. Thank you!

    Actually, I have written some poetic lines during my walks by the beach/ocean. I started a sonnet several weeks ago and got a couple of lines into it. Today, during a walk in the local park, I added some more lines to that sonnet. Sometimes, the pace of my walk helps me find the rhythm in a poem I am working on. And a calm environment in nature also helps.

    I find writing poetry, especially poetry that has rhymes, challenging and fun.

    I have not visited a lot lately because I have been so busy with the medical and aging problems of several relaties but I will drop by occasionally because I truly enjoy your blog.

    I hope you have been well. Take care of yourself. Fond regards.

    - Mike B.

  2. Hi MikeB! So happy to know you enjoyed the post! and thanks for a peek into your creative process!
    Wishing you strength and all best energies in caring for your relatives.
    I will myself be going on a break (which I will post on soon!)
    Thanks, as always for your kind words and dedicated following!

  3. Thanks Stephanie. I do need some strength. Health situation of several relatives has worsened terribly, and one of them is in Florida and needs my help, and I have spent untold hours day after day on the phone with doctors and nurses, hospital staff, social workers, caregiving companies, family, etc. I think I need a trip to the Atlantic Ocean after my work is done.

  4. Somehow missed this, MikeB! please excuse the delay! So very sorry to hear about your relatives. It's very difficult to go through. Please know that you are being thought of, and prayers for you and your family, along with all best and positive energies, are being sent your way!