Lifestyle: 7 Reasons To Shop Farmer's Markets

 I've shortened the article by  down to some
simple Headlines, hoping you'll click through to read her article:  
7 Reasons To Shop Farmer's Markets"
She's got a list of good reasons,
and I'm sure we can think of even more.

1. Inspiration!

 2. Promotes Healthy Lifestyle Habits

3. Supports Small USA Business

4. Increase Farmer's living wage

5. Brings Healthy Foods into Underserved Neighborhoods

6. Get Social!

7. Keeps Local Farms From Disappearing

I'll add one more to Jennifer's list:
8. Makes organic, pesticide-free, non-GMO produce
accessible and less costly!

Hoping you will keep celebrating
National Farmer's Market Week all year round!
Can't make it to the market?  I use a Organic Farm Delivery service,
and just love it! To find a Farmer's Market near you,
check online to see what is available in your area.
You can start with the USDA Farmer's Market Directory

Eat Fresh, Eat Organic, Eat Local, Eat Healthy!

Live well in eco-style!


  1. most readers like me are lazy. why not read the articles and summarize them for us?

    Lovers' Shore

  2. Hi Rofo. As stated at the top of my post, I read her post, and have summarized her paragraphs into a single headline phrase.
    I was hoping to pique your interest enough to read and learn more. If you'd prefer not to, that is your choice.
    The reason I won't rewrite her post is that when sharing a post from another blog, I respect the author, and encourage others to check it out a new blog. Because how do you know...Maybe her blog would have been your new favorite? Thanks for your comment, and Wishing you a sweet day, filled with new discoveries!

  3. You should be a diplomat, Stephanie. You made some well thought out comments to Rofo.

    By the way, this reminds me of a "joke" my uncle told me in 1971. I do not mean to stereotype. And I know that when a woman says NO she means it. But I do think it's a clever use of words.

    What is the difference between a diplomat and a lady?
    A DIPLOMAT is a person who when he says YES he means MAYBE, when he says MAYBE he means NO, and when he says NO, he's no diplomat.
    A lady is a person who when she says NO she means MAYBE, when she says MAYBE she means YES, and when she says YES she's no lady.

  4. Thanks for the compliment, MikeB - I like the idea of being a diplomat! and I enjoyed your Uncle's wordplay joke! ;-)