Lifestyle: Buying American Made - A Conscious Choice For Change

"In this new race to the bottom, we are trading satisfying, higher-paying, higher-skilled jobs in
manufacturing and industry for low paying, low-impact jobs stacking shelves at endless
superstores packed with low-grade imports from other countries." ~Alan Uke

Read the Huffington Post article this quote came from here,
Ralph Lauren had no comment, but subsequently promised that future Olympic outfits would be made in USA. Which leaves me wondering if he had not received any criticism, would he have even bothered?
And that brings the question to mind - Have we become so complacent as to forget to take care of ourselves? Are we no longer proud of what we create, inspired towards innovation? I believe we are, but it truly does take a conscious effort to do so. What about you? Do you agree?
Many people were 'outraged' about the fact Lauren's company continued its contracted Chinese production to produce these outfits, at a great loss to the struggling US economy. I was not outraged, but deeply disappointed. Because it took us many decades to get to this point of this cheap, cheaper, cheapest mentality, and it will take a will take time and focused effort to change it.
With great conviction, I started Beau Monde Organics with a Mission of environmental, ethical and social change, making the very particular choice to be committed to working with U.S. companies as much as it is possible. So far, I have been successful, and have been able to create a product that is competitively priced with other high-end fashion accessory products. But did you know? We support up to 7 other US-based companies with the way we run our business. I'm proud of that, and hope it is something that resonates with you.
If you think it is important to buy American, please let that reflect in you your buying habits. Choose 'Made In USA' products whenever possible, even if it costs a bit more. We know that creating in America may mean higher prices, but the consequences of always looking for the 'lowest pricing' on everything has repercussions that are more far-reaching than we might have once thought.
Take a stand. Be a Conscious Consumer. Become inspired to be part of something big. Buy 'Made In USA' any time you can- it's an investment in ourselves and in our country's economy.For information on companies that are truly 'Made In America', visit these websites we support:
For information and directories on Made In USA companies: Made In America Movement - Margarita Mendoza, Made in USA Challenge - Sarah Mazzone, USA Love List - Sarah Wagner
and for businesses:  Made In USA Certified - Julie Reiser

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  1. Thank you for the mention! We here at The Made in America Movement (MAM) promote that Americans must make their dollar count. By being conscious of where the product was made and electing to ‘Spend it where you earn it’. Just one dollar a day would transfer into over a million jobs for the American people. According to 'Buying America Back' (Book), if we spent just ten dollars a day on American made products; we would create 13 million jobs. This would solve the unemployment issue and contrarily make employers have to compete for workers to fill positions by improving wages and working conditions.

    Kudos to Staphanie Gale and Beau Monde Organics for your dedication to remain a Made in USA manufacturer, therefore creating jobs for us here in the United States of America. Thank you for doing your part.

  2. Thanks Made In America Movement for your impassioned and informative response! Thanks for your efforts to keep us informed. Your website is a great resource that makes it easy to find and shop American Made products.
    Thanks too, for being appreciative of my commitment to being a Made In USA company! I'm honored to work with and support other USA companies!

  3. @Anonymous -You're most welcome! Glad to know your appreciation.