Fav Quote Friday: Bon Appétit! Lessons For Living Well From Julia Child

 Last month (on August 15) it was the 
100th Anniversary of Julia Child's Birthday. 

I was always impressed with Julia's attitude, fortitude and 
immense love for enjoying the good things in life.
(which by now I hope you know I share!)
Julia passed away in 2004 at age 91. By then, 
had become a world-famous household name, a Celebrity Chef
and had forever changed the way American cooks

She was 49 years old when she put our her famous cookbook

The reason you are less familiar with her 2 other co-authors 
and friends is because a year later at the age of 50,
she started her documentary cooking show,
(an early episode pictured above)
which was as wildly popular as the book.
I watched many of her cooking shows, learned much, 
and always admired her fiesty spirit
and enjoyed her lively, unpretentious manner.

Fav Quote Friday is dedicated to Julia. 
Served up a bit tongue-in-cheek:  
Philosophy Of Life A La Julia!

On acheivement:
"The measure of achievement is not winning awards.
It's doing something that you appreciate,
something you believe is worthwhile.
I think of my strawberry souffle.
I did that at least 28 times before I finally conquered it."
(wow. I admire that she worked so hard on perfecting a souffle!)

On working with tools:
"I think every woman should have a blowtorch."
(me too! I do have one, thank you very much, but use the broiler in a pinch.)

On style and presentation:
"Drama is very important in life: You have to come on with a bang. 
You never want to go out with a whimper.
Everything can have drama if it's done right. 
Even a pancake."
(do things with confidence and flair - even your pancakes!)

On trying new things: 
 "Learn how to cook; try new recipes, 
learn from your mistakes, 
be fearless 
and above all, have fun."
 (Which is m
y favorite Fav Quote, 
and which seems to me to be good advice,
not just for cooking, ...but for life!)

"Bon appétit!" 

Julia Child with her lifelong friend and fellow chef, Jacques Pepin
Watch Jacques' farewell tribute to Julia via KQED
and find out how Julia met Jacques!