Fav Quote Friday: Dancing With Joy, Beauty & Love

Niki De St. Phalle - 'Three Graces' Mosaic Fountains in D.C. - Photo: David Gaines
"You have not danced so badly my dear,
trying to hold hands with the beautiful one.
You have waltzed with great style,
my sweet crushed angel,
to have ever neared God's heart at all."

Henri Matisse - 'The Dancers'

'Buddha Is A Butterfly'  PhotoArt: H. Kopp-Delaney


  1. You sure do find interesting pictures and photos.

  2. Thanks MikeB! I most enjoy the ones of the Niki De St. Phalle sculptures. She is my all-time favorite sculptor (and that's saying something, since I was a sculptor myself and have a whole gallery of those whose work I admire) Learn a bit more about her:
    I've been to her sculpture garden in Escondido...pure delight!

  3. Wow - you sculpted! How interesting. You have many dimensions.

  4. oh, yes, MikeB - I worked for many years in sculpture as a multi-media artist, using metals (brass, copper, lead and more)along with other materials. I did sculpture, various stained glass pieces, jewelry and loved it. I don't it much these days, but I do miss it often!