Lifestyle: Which Cruelty-Free Beauty Brands To Buy - And Which To Avoid! via My Beauty Bunny

Today's post is via My Beauty Bunny!

I have always loved animals, 
believed in karma, and that 
all creatures deserve respect.

On the issue of using only Cruelty-Free
health and beauty products, 
 I was going to include a link to images of 
the realities of product testing, 
but chose not to, as they are truly disturbing.
Almost surreal...  except that they're not.

There's a great way to easily shop
for shampoos, skin cleansers, 
cosmetics and grooming products made
by companies that are committed to animal compassion:
(Scroll down, look for the ♥ 'heart' symbol,
which means it's Certified Cruelty-Free)

Using science data instead of torturing 
live animals to test their products, 
these companies prove that animal testing 
is an outdated and inhumane practice.

I'll add one more to the list:
all earth-friendly, natural & cruelty-free
Vital Earth Traditions
(with a Vegan Skin Care line available) 
Please shop to support  independent,
Made In USA,  organic and Cruelty-Free companies
by choosing them over the brands that are not.
This list should make it easier to know which to choose, 
and whether you might want to say
goodbye to some old favorites.

That way, you can have 
smooth skin, shiny hair, 
and still be nice to the bunnies!
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