Art and Design: Beau Monde Organics | Can You Guess What The New Products Will Be?

Can you guess what I'm working on for Beau Monde Organics?!
  I'm hard at work creating new art, new colorways, new products...

designing and consulting with my team of Master Tailors!
...measuring, cutting, testing,

exploring new fabrics, 

 creating prototypes and samples for new products!

 So excited to show them to you! But for now's a Secret! 

Can you guess what we're working on?
What do you think they are?
What new products would you like to see?

Sneak peeks in the coming weeks - but for now, let us know:  
What's your guess?!


  1. Its hard to guess, but I can it might be a wedding dress.. I am your new follower, you might want to follow me too and check my new Art collection

  2. thanks, not that - as we don't make dresses, we do Accessories! Scarves and...??

    I've been a follower of your lovely blog for some time! (as 'stephanie gale' via Google)
    hope otthers will take a moment to stop by and see Hind's paintings and style posts!

  3. Hi Stephanie,

    My wife and I have been away for 3 weeks due to the sudden illness and death of a close family member. Got home last night and am checking your blog again.

    I have no guesses,
    But I bet they'll be "yesses."

  4. Very good to have you back -and hope you both can recover soon fromthe ordeal. My sympathies to you MikeB.

    Thanks! appreciate the positive outlook on my upcoming products!