Lifestyle: Our Sponsorship Of A Beauty Pageant Contestant!?! Yes, When She's An Eco-Advocate!

 EcoDivas TV's Taryn Hipwell and our 'Romance-L'Amour'

It's Official! 
Announcing  Beau Monde Organics' Sponsorship and Support
of Miss Lauren Selman

She is running for Miss California USA 2013.
 wait... what?? ...a Beauty Pageant?! 

Yes! Lauren realized that this is a chance to use
a high-profile arena to run an amazing platform; 
She is an Eco-Candidate, and will promote, educate and discuss issues of
Ecology, Sustainability and Empowerment.
And most especially, she will speak to young women in schools,
helping them learn and become aware of sustainable alternatives.

We felt this was such a different and positive message,
 that we had to support her!

In sponsoring her, we have adorned Lauren with her personal scarf 
selections from our 2012 Collection of artisan organic scarves.
The picture above is her at last night's Fund Raiser
and our 'Romance-L'Amour' Scarf!

Please join us in supporting her and her message 
of Eco Awareness, Sustainability and Green Living!
 Organic Cotton Gown by Lindee Daniel, Photography by BASH Photography LA

We join some amazing other Eco-supporters too!

More to come...till then,

live beautifully!