Fav Quote Friday | Body and Spirit: How To Find The Elusive States of Happiness and Bliss

  (photo: blissful images)

"The secret of happiness, you see, 
is not found in seeking more,
but in developing the capacity to enjoy less." 


 you can read this list of 
'15 principles of happiness'
on the  Sharing Joy 

To all those who were and still are affected by
the devasting power of Hurricane Sandy, 
sending all prayers and thoughts for
your safety and well-being.

 "People are about as happy 
as they make up their minds to be."
~Abraham Lincoln

 Enjoy a happy, blissful
 and beautiful weekend!


  1. Stephanie,

    Thank you. I especially like the quote by Socrates. I think it goes along with the idea of trying not to set unrealistic goals for "achieving" happiness. Unrealistic goals can often leave us disappointed, which can make us unhappy.

    I have a lot in my life that I am not happy about right now, but on the other hand I have a lot in my life that I AM happy about. So I try to focus on the good things.

    I looked up some other quotes on happiness, and found many at this link:


  2. You're welcome MikeB! Happy you liked. And you're absolutely correct. The state of
    'Happiness' as much as the state of being Miserable, is, after all, a state of mind. And we can choose in which we'd like to spend our time.
    Thanks so much for the link - such a great collection of quotes! I noticed it had a fav of mine, which I'll leave you with today;

    "The foolish man seeks happiness in the distance; the wise man grows it under his feet." ~James Openheim