Simple Pleasures | Lifestyle: Designing A Spectacular Holiday Table Setting

Hope you caught my previous post 
Today, here's some inspiring photos 
for setting a festive table!

 Creating a great atmosphere is 
as simple as starting with a theme 
and a color scheme,

and the effect is one that
  instantly welcomes your guests!


 Take some of the simple ideas 
from these designer settings,

use what you have,
or purchase inexpensive accent pieces...
recycle, reuse, or 
buy recyclable and/or fair trade pieces. 
 for truly spectacular 
Holiday party decor!   

and smart, resourceful you!
 ...without paying a designer to do it!

You may also like some of the great
Christmas table designs 
posted here on Home Klondike 

Feel free to post your own ideas 
or blog links for a great Holiday Table! 

Happy Hosting!!


  1. Beautiful settings. I am writing tonight because I am exhausted from working on the situation that developed afer my elderly uncle had a car accident (he and the other driver are OK, thank goodness). So I need to relax now, which is what I am doing (at 2 in the morning). Thanks for all the interesting recent posts.

  2. Hoping all is well now with you and all your family, MikeB! And that you enjoyed similarly festive settings at your holiday gatherings!