Simple Pleasures: Longing, Lust and Love for the Magical Lavender Flower

my love of all things lavender began
the first time I went to a farm where
thick bundles were hanging overhead all across
the open wooden rafters of the open garden shed,
and the scent being exuded from the drying lavender flowers
was heady, intoxicating...  and addictive!
I stood there for quite a while,
enchanted, taking deep breaths
of the amazing fragrance,
while being stunned by the vibrance  
of their glorious purple color.
For one plant to have so many healing, healthful, aromatic,
 edible and restorative attributes,
and be a drought and disease-resistant plant to grow -
a bit magical, don't you think?
Since Medieval times,
 lavender has been used for many
healing and medicinal purposes,
 in cosmetics, perfumes, soaps, lotions, medicines,
and spas make good use of its refreshing aroma;
its famous fragrance invigorates the mind and soothes the body.
Organic dried flowers, buds and essential oils are used 
in cooking too, flavoring everything from
cookies, cakes, pastries, meats and oils to spa waters, teas. and cocktails.  
Lavender eases tension, soothes your body.
Its use in Sachets (small fabric packets of the dried flowers)
are wonderful near your head or under your pillow; 
breath it's scent in to ease tension and help you sleep.
Sachets are great stored with your clothing in drawers and closets, too.
They work double-duty; to scent your delicates, underclothes and clothing,
and also are an excellent repellent to fiber-eating insects,
making them perfect to include in your clothing storage bags as well.
"Ladies fair, I bring to you
lavender with spikes of blue;
sweeter plant was never found
growing on our English ground."

~Caryl Battersby