Make Your Valentines Day Sweeter With Organic, Eco and Ethical Shopping!

 If you are going to order roses for Valentine's Day, 
please,  pleeaase, remember to order early 
so you can order online from 
a certified organic AND fair trade company!

Our top picks:
Organic Bouquet
California Organic Flowers

C'mon! How can my little bunch of roses hurt?*
Actually, we're talking about a multi-billion dollar global enterprise. 
Remember that the floral industry is just that: 
 part of the agricultural industry. And at some flower
farms, workers' complaints of nausea, skin eruptions,
headache, dizziness and fainting... 
all symptoms of pesticide exposure!
  In California, flowers rank sixth among all crops
causing pesticide illnesses. It's especially troubling that
many of the workers in the flower industry are
women of child-bearing age, who are more vulnerable to
the effects of pesticides, as are their babies.

Mmmmmm, now doesn't that smell like romance?! 
OK, so now you'll ditch the regular flowers 
and buy organic/fair trade... cool.
But you need a bit more...chocolates!
OK, but again - please, pleeaase don't buy 'regular' chocolate!
Look for certified organic AND fair trade chocolate!
Here's my top picks!
 Why buy only organic and fair trade?
Because once you learn the truth,
 you may never want to eat 'regular' chocolate again.*

'Regular' chocolate (produced standard 'Big Ag' companies and methods)
is an environmental nightmare compared to organic chocolate. 

Conventional cacao tree cultivation uses more pesticides
than any other factory farming process except cotton.

And in addition to using synthetic pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers,
regular chocolate usually contains high fructose corn syrup,
wax, artificial flavors and colors, and other unappetizing ingredients. 

And all the afroementioned worker's health issues are exacerbated by 
low pay and very unhealthy working conditions 
if it's not Certified as Fair Trade.
 Ooooh, so seductive!

Now now that you've got the chocolate and roses covered, 
here's another possible option to hint at an evening of romance;

consider this stunning elegant eco candle,

 from Danya Decker!
(discovered via the fabulous Awakened Esthetic blog!)
And I would be remiss if I didn't offer my suggestion on how
to make it a beautifully memorable Valentine's Day...

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till next week, live beautifully!
♥ stephanie-

* portions of this article were written by Scientist & Environmental Journalist
Marc Lallanilla, writing for
Read his entire Roses article here and his Chocolate article here.