Fav Quote Friday | Lifestyle: Finding The Way To Happiness

~happiness is the way~

whatever things come your way,
choose to be happy. 

whatever path you are on,
choose to be happy.

when you must deal with sadness, 
choose to find your happiness. 

may you BE happy today! 



  1. This comes at a good time. Now ANOTHER family member has become ill, and once again it falls to me to give care and comfort. It makes me sad that so many people in my family and my wife's family have been ill -- and have died -- lately, but I will choose to find happiness in the good things that are available to me. I probably will not visit your blog for a while, since I will be quite busy.

  2. I'm so sorry to hear that MikeB. Hoping all will be well. Please be sure to care for yourself first, so you may have strength to care for others. And if you can try to be happy, you will spread happiness to others as well, and that makes things a bit easier for all. All best wishes for you and your family.

  3. Decded to check in one more time. Thanks for your encouraging words. I will do my best to follow your idea of taking care of myself and putting out happiness to those around me.