Art and Design: Beau Monde Organics' Stephanie Gale Finds Design Inspiration In Contrasts

Beau Monde Organics - Luxury artisan organic scarves and accessories, Made In USA 

So many cool happenings here
at Beau Monde Organics!

It's been a whilrwind of activity,
(with twists and turns, uphill climbs and detours along the way)
but we're going to start releasing new items very soon.
Look for new designs for our signature scarves, new scarf styles, 
and new accessory items, for travel, resort and everyday. 

First, I'd love to share some of the simple inspirations
behind my
latest 2 Beau Monde Organics Collections! 

The concept was of one of contrasts:
of the natural, rural/suburban world,

 and the industrialized, urban/city world, 
and how they overlap and interact.
Noting the qualities of each, my Collections
were designed with the intention 
to emulate and evoke some of those qualities.
Fragile Earth Collection
Intricate prints in delicate colors, 
evocative of blissful moments spent in idyllic outdoor spaces.

Urban Renewal Collection
Bold colors and savvy style
 for the well-dressed and self-assured modern urbanite.

Fragile Earth: Using intricate prints, repeating patterns and delicate colors
I tried to capture the ethereal essence and fragile qualities 
of nature, contrasting with  its enduring power and inherent complexity. 
FRAGILE EARTH: 'Botanica' in 'Sage Breeze' Colorway

Urban Renewal: From flora to fauna, all earth's inhabitants love
to dress up,
show off and flaunt their dramatic style to attract attention.
With that as my starting point, I've included natural and traditional 
design elements, create a look that is bold, yet urbane;
for a stand-out accessory style that will get you noticed! 

URBAN RENEWAL: 'San Marco' in 'New Royalty' colorway

 I'd love to know if you like the 2 samples, 
even though they are just a hint of things to come.

More to come. Meantime...

 Look good, live beautifully!

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