Body and Spirit: Indulge Your Need To Be Pampered | 10 Top Green Eco Spas via SpaFinder Wellness

 Many spas are using green practices and eco-friendly resources.

In honor of Earth Day, the spa and wellness industry is seeing green – and celebrating the cause to protect our planet and its resources not just on this one particular day, but all year round.

As spa-goers continue to become savvier and demand a 
deeper environmental stance from spas, properties are, in turn, 
ramping up their commitment to sustainability and green practices. 
We define eco spas as environmentally friendly destinations 
that believe personal health begins with global health
 – and immerse green initiatives and eco processes 
throughout the entire spa, whether it’s through design,
 products used in services, 
 or treatments offered...

view the list of 

written by Kate Phillips for SpaFinder Wellness Blog

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  1. I could really use a massage these days. I do plan to get one, once I take care of many things I have to do. I won't be traveling to any one of the ten eco spas in your list, but for now it will do to go anywhere that has soft music, a clean space, and good hands to take the stress away.

  2. Spa treatments really are highly therapeutic, and can release stress and the associated negative effects on the body. Hop[e you get there soon.
    But no need to wait till you get to a spa; find a friend/parter/spouse to give you a nice massage, and even a self-massage is quick and free. Or just a soak in a hot bath can do wonders!

  3. Spa treatments are truly therapeutic, and can help release and ease stress. Although Spas are the best, no need to wait till you get to the spa to practice healing self-care!
    Find a friend/partner/spouse to give you a nice massage, or try a self massage - quick and free. And even a soak in a hot bath can do wonders!

  4. It all sounds good! Especially the bath.