Fav Quote Friday: For The Love Of Trees

by - 10:23 AM

'Methuselah', 4,789 yr. old Bristlecone Pine - one of the oldest trees on Earth!

"For in the true nature of things,
if we rightly consider,
every green tree is far more glorious
than if it were made of gold and silver."
~Martin Luther (1483-1546)
I couldn't agree more with the Monk!
Trees are truly precious, 
and we need to find more ways 
to preserve and be good stewards to them!

Happy Arbor Day!
Please consider to plant a tree today
(or over the weekend!)

For more information on 
trees, and where to find them and how to
plant and care for them, 
visit the
Arbor Day Foundation website.

a large jacaranda tree in bloom

For a look at the oldest some of the oldest trees, 
see the story at MNN!

...and go sit under a tree! 

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  1. Sitting under a tree, shaded from the hot sun, reading a book. Now that sounds good.

  2. oh, you said it MikeB - I love sitting under a tree, reading with the trunk as my backrest!

  3. I don't recall ever doing this, but it sure sounds nice. Well, I have to go to sleep soon -- I have spent a lot of time in the past 2-3 hours doing medical research online.

  4. Just a thought:

    I'd like to sit under a tree with you
    And look upon your lovely eyes,
    Those eyes so bright that they, I'm sure,
    Will complement and light the skies.

  5. and a lovely thought it is! thank you for your sweet poem MikeB.