Saturday Shout: Finding Balance With The Essence Of ROOT Candles

  It was just one of a number of wonderful items in
my Christmas goodie box that I received from
my brother and sister in law, who live in Ohio. 

They knew I would love the
beautifully relaxing scented candle.
But  at closer look,
I found this particular item
more and more intriguing.
They had given me a 
Also from Ohio, specifically Medina, Ohio

Mine was a soothing and delicious
Geranium Lavender scent,
part of their 'Seeking Balance' series.
Packaged in a wonderfully 
eco-friendly packaging; a glass votive inside 
a simple yet elegantly designed paperboard tube
with a molded oil-paper end pieces.

But I found also that these candles have
rich company history and have, since 1869, been 
Made In America.

 Root Legacy Veriglass series - pure beeswax with lead free wick

Starting out originally
with candles made exclusively from 
pure beeswax, and now soy candles as well.
 I was very impressed with the attention to detail
and overall quality of these long burning candles.

Now in their 5th generation as a family-owned business, 
and remain committed to quality, innovation
and being made in America.

And also to preserving the bees and
 promoting 'bee-friendly' beekeeping
another cause I champion.

Right now they have a fun
Mother's Day Contest going on their Facebook Page!

Hope you'll enjoy some of their beautiful American made products.

Live eco, 
live well,
live beautifully!