Saturday Shout: Righteous! How Righteous Bean Does Coffee Right

After receiving quite a few absolutely wonderful gifts
that were organic, fair-trade, USA-Made and
finding them all, in some way, fabulous -
thought I might try sending out a shout to introduce you
to some very fantastic products and companies
that are doing a beautiful job of creating positive change.

I hope you like my new feature!
I'll start the series in the same way I start the day:
with a great cup of coffee! this case, a righteous cup!  
Righteous Bean
makes an AMAZING  line of delicious coffees,
and every one is Certified organically grown, (USDA & GOA)
Certified Fair Trade, and all their decaffeinated coffees
are by chemical-free
Swiss Water Process.
Each bean is House-Roasted in Michigan, 
supporting local businesses and providing employment opportunities
to the local greater Detroit area! Bravo!
But in the end - it's all about the taste.
And theirs are  taste rich and complex,
beautifully roasted, with no bitterness or over-roasting,
just a wonderfully good cup of java!
Take a look at their wonderful selection,
I often enjoy medium and medium-dark roasted coffees,
so I found their fun Coffee Bean Tool (scroll down to Roast Types & Flavors)
an excellent way to peruse the selections. 
 (I loved the Ethiopian -Yirgacheffe!)
I urge you to give Righteous Bean a try!
Finding you more ways for you to
live beautifully~
What do you think of this new post feature?
Let me know
your feedback,
if you'd like me to continue!