Art and Design: Designer Stephanie Gale On Organic, Ethical Committment | Interview by Eco Fashion World

 When your heart is aligned with the world, your beauty shines from within."

 "Stephanie Gale combines elegant designs with inspiring art and creativity
that 'fills your life with practical ease and expressive style.' 
Stephanie Gale spoke to EFW about her 2013 Beau Monde Organics  
design Collections that highlight the connection
between the urban and natural worlds.

(Excerpts are included thoughout this post...

EFW:  What makes the Beau Monde Organics scarves collection unique? 

SG:  The concept for my two 2013 Collections came from an 
observation of the contrasts between the Urban and Natural worlds 
and how they interact and overlap. Within each design, elements 
reflect or evoke some aspect of these two environments. 
From a design standpoint, both collections also contrast each other in some way.

 San Marco - Martini 

EFW:  What can we expect of the 2013 Beau Monde Organics collection?

SG:  This year, look for new scarf styles to show up and the 
introduction of accessory products. 
Our Petite Wrap Scarf is the first 
 in a number of new scarf styles out this year, 
and is now
 available in limited quantities. 
We’re a luxury organic art brand, focused on
 creating beautifully practical accessories
 for those who want to feel beautiful, live well and 
create their own expression of conscious style.
 Expanding on that, I’ve started...

Katmandu - Turquoise/Moonstone
 In our New Scarf Style!  The Petite Wrap-Scarf; 
Lighter & wider than our signature style of organic luxury scarves, 
this single layer scarf has a a hand-done double-rolled, double-stitched 
hem on all edges, wih Beau Monde Organics brand logo on the corner
 Offering more visual volume, without the weight or bulk. 
Perfect for boardroom, resort or travel!

EFW:  What is involved in the production of ethically chic scarves?

SG:  First and foremost, it takes commitment. Commitment to a mission to
 create environmental, ethical and social/compassionate change, commitment
to taking the additional time and costs needed for ethical, organic 
and local sourcing of materials and labor, and commitments to 
refusing to engage in certain common earth-damaging practices while instead,
 finding or devising new methods and procedures. I’m a small, but quite innovative
 fashion startup and I’m proud to have created a company with products 
that makes others feel happy and beautiful and at the same time creates 
positive change in peaceful ways.
 It’s a beautiful thing, and for me, it's a dream come true.


EFW:  Stephanie, what are your future goals for yourself as the 
designer of eco-friendly fashion accessories and for Beau Monde Organics ?

SG:  As the designer of a luxury organic accessory line, my goals are...
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