Lifestyle: How To Practice Gratitude (and Reap the Healthy Benefits!)

Learning How To Practice Gratitude...
Do you know the difference between 
feeling grateful vs. practicing gratitude

Psychologist Dr. Christina Hibbert wants to help you learn.
But why would you?  Isn't it enough to feel grateful for things I have?

According to studies done, the prac­tice of grat­i­tude 
can increase hap­pi­ness lev­els by around 25%. 
(wait... what?
It is not hard to achieve; 2-3 hours over as little as 
3 weeks of writ­ing a grat­i­tude jour­nal 
can cre­ate an effect that lasts 6 months or more.
 (only 3 weeks 'work' for 6 months benefit?!)
Cul­ti­vat­ing grat­i­tude brings other overall health effects, 
such as improved coping ability and longer, bet­ter qual­ity sleep time.
(I'm all for ANYTHING that gives me more good sleep!)

It also can decrease negativity, improve relationships and 
help you enjoy more of, well, everything!
Click the links to find out the difference
and see a list of the many benefits of practicing Gratitude.
Dr Hibbert offers as many as 10 different ways to do it, 
so you can choose what works for you.

Give it a try, and start today to live a life that's 
truly healthier, happier and constantly appreciative.

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