Fav Quote Friday: Breaking Bad Habits To Get More Joy Out Of Life.

 ~Eckhardt Tolle 

  "Talking about our problems 
 is our greatest addiction. Break the habit;
Talk about your Joys."
 ~Rita Schiano 

  ~Eckhardt Tolle 

Consider these thoughts 
as a new way to think and act.

I realized a profound 
and very positive change once I did.

Perhaps you will too...

live beautifully,


  1. Hi Stephanie,
    I like the quote from Rita Schiano. Something I will have to learn to follow.

  2. Watch out for the negative habits in us, as it'll form the daily actions of ours, and it'll lead to different results & ending. Train positive habits, be a better person. :)

    1. Apologizing fo my tardy reply - JJ Wong, for your wise comment. What we say and think become our reality - so true! Thanks so much for yor comment.