Fav Quote Friday: Fill Your Life With Golden Moments To Live Life Fully

 "Live totally and live intensely,
so that each moment becomes golden -
and your whole life 
becomes a series of golden moments." 

 What does "Golden Moment" mean to you? 
What are some of your favorite golden moments?

Happy Friday, my beauties! 

May your day be filled with many golden moments...



  1. I've had many golden moments, too numerous to mention,
    And this I know for sure: they took away the tension.

  2. How wonderful to hear that, MikeB!
    makes me happy...

  3. A golden moment yesterday was buying a raspberry almond pastry and an orchid for my wife and seeing her enjoyment when I surprised her with them.

    1. seems you have some very sweet & special 'golden moments', MikeB! thx for sharing!

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