Fav Quotes - Late Edition: To Find The Serene, Act With Calm Compassion; Your Way To A Peaceful Life

by - 5:02 PM

"The smallest act of kindness is worth more
than the grandest intention."
~Oscar Wilde
Remain calm in every situation
because peace equals power.
~Joyce Meyer 
“Better than a thousand hollow words,
is one word that brings peace.
sending you wishes
for a peaceful and serene week...

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  1. The sayings are right on. And the photos are lovely and calming. Thanks for the wishes for a peaceful and serene week. Some of the week has already been that way. Tomorrow will be for sure, at least while I am getting a massage, which I have been looking forward to for a while: in a cozy room with a massage therapist who does not engage in small talk. Just one hour+ of peace and quiet away from the everyday noise.

  2. love that nice feedback, MikeB - just what I was going for. And good for you for getting out to the massage therapist. ...have to get one of those relaxing hours for myself soon!

  3. My wife and I visited my 98-year old uncle in Florida for 8 days, and we got home last Saturday. We helped him out with many items. Not stressful, just busy. I think I am ready for more quiet time, but I have too many projects to do at home (for example, came home to a toilet that was not working properly; turned out it only needed a new shut-off value on the water supply pipe). I am ready for another massage. Did you get one?

  4. Hi MikeB! I'm sure your uncle appreciated all the help. It's been hopping over here, too, with too many projects and just not enough hours. But am trying for a calm and unharried approach to it - and to my amazement, it really "works"! And though I wish I had made it in for a massage, I have to admit I did not. But I did take a lovely late-night epsom & himalayan salt bath, scented with herbs and lavender, and that felt almost as wonderful. I certainly am looking forward to a break and a rest for the upcoming Holidays, though. Till next time, be well!

  5. Your scented salt bath sounds so soothing and relaxing.

    1. yes, MikeB, it was! and as I understand, it's supposed to be very healthy & therapeutic. All I know is it makes me feel great!

    2. I am tempted to send a couplet about you in the bath. These little poetic tidbits just come to me quickly sometimes.

  6. MikeB: you are? give in to temptation! It'd be nice to get a of poetry now & again, and I've alwasy enjoyed yours! (just remember we have a 'family blog' here!) ;-)

  7. Oh, oh. No really, it is ok. But then again. I will leave you guessing. Is that too annoying?

  8. Oh, shucks. Here it is, a haiku:

    How often her bath
    brings her well needed respite.
    Scented water soothes.

    1. no not annoying! (I'm just very behind!) and I like haiku. This one is an enjoyable one, thx! ;-)