Eco Fashion: Gael Garcia Bernal Goes Green, Calls For Fashion Detox! - via ELUXE Magazine for Greenpeace

Hi, there!

Caught your attention, didn't I?
 This handsome man is here to
speak to you about a very ugly problem.

 Gael Garcia Bernal is an actor, director, producer
and also an earth activist. He is one of the many
trying to bring attention to a very serious issue:
the toxic chemicals and dyes in our clothing. 

I first found out about it by watching
this video on the blog of our friends 
at the fabulous
ELUXE Magazine

 The tattoo that Bernal is sporting is 
Greenpeace's Detox Campaign logo,
a clever symbol combining both the English
 letter 'X' with the Chinese character for 'Water'. 

To learn more and find out which companies
are trying to clean up their act...

and which to avoid because they
continue to ignore the destructive side
of their businesses, 

And think more about what you buy.

The earth will love you for it.

live beautifully,