Fav Quote Friday: On Gardening and Mindful Living

 "Your mind is not a cage, it is a garden. 
And it needs cultivating."
~Libba Bray

...do you have a friend like that?

GARDENING: Cheaper than therapy.
(and you get tomatoes!)

"I prefer to plant, to sow and to be free." 

happy gardening!


  1. More interesting quotes. I do enjoy your Fav Quote Friday entries. Thanks.

    1. appreciate the input MikeB. I've been wondering to continue it or not - so thx for the timely compliment!

  2. Don't go by me. Maybe you should do a post and survey your other followers. Of course, if there is a decided vote to continue, you will be stuck continuing the Friday quote posts -- for a while, at least. Or you could just discontinue it if you need more time freed up for your other commitments and endeavors.

  3. no worries! Appreciation for the work one does is payment in kind. Besides, as a regular commenting Follower, you contribute to the overall blog community.
    There are some things I may need to do surveys on - but this isn't one of them. Thanks as ever for your reply, MikeB!

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