Lifestyle: Entertaining With A Wine and Cheese Tasting Party - via Camille Styles

 Get your friends together,
go shopping for some select
 a variety of beautiful cheeses, breads and other treats, 
and get ready for a wonderful 
wine and cheese tasting experience. 
(You know I'd recommend as many
organic selections as possible!)

Camille Styles pulls together a selection
of wines from
La Crema, 
sets a beautiful table, and invites a group
of her beautifully dressed friends to enjoy a
wonderful end-of summer party. 

I think it would be a great way to
celebrate Springtime, too.

With helpful tips on how to set up
your party, styling a lovely table that's 
convenient for a tasting, wine and cheese selections 
and advice on how to properly taste wines and
pair them with cheeses at such an event.

This delightful post was documented in a
series of photographs.
See the entire set here
Enjoy a trip through all of them. 

Then go have your own party.

 live beautifully!