FAV QUOTE FRIDAY: Let The Flowers Be My Guides - They Bloom In Spite Of Adversity

"No Mud, No Lotus."
~Thich Nhat Nanh
"The flower that blooms in adversity
is the most rare and beautiful of all."
The Emperor, from Disney's movie 'Mulan

Every flower must grow through dirt.
(via staypositive.me)

are you getting the message? ;-)

live beautifully, 
(no matter what)



  1. What do they say? "That which does not kill us makes us stronger." (Nietzsche). Given everything my wife and I have gone through in the past three years, I should be pretty strong by now.

    On a positive note, in addition to still being pretty busy (my uncle's needs, helping two people with their tax problems, and more), I took time out to watch an old movie on TV last night with my wife, and then a 2-hour Poirot mystery. I enjoyed sitting with her and just taking it easy. One of the small pleasures of life.

    Today, I am going to apply scratch remover to the old car to make it look better. That will give me a feeling of accomplishment. And while I am at it, I will enjoy the weather outside.

    I hope you are having an enjoyable weekend.

  2. MikeB- think Nietzsche's quote is perfect for when the going gets tough! But am very happy to know you are making the effort to enjoy the simple pleasures, so important!
    Me? Ridiculously busy right now, what with new designs and products in the works...!