Fav Quote Friday | MOTHER'S DAY EDITION: The Values and Challenges of Being A Modern Mother

 MOMS: Not all Superheros wear capes!

If you stumble... make it part of the dance!

 "Happy are those children who have a mother
 to whom they can pour out their hearts and 
always count on her understanding.” 
~ Eberhard Arnold

  “There is no influence so powerful 
as that of the mother.”
~Sarah Josepha Hale  

here's to all the hard-working Moms!!
(and for all the Dads that have to be the Mom!)

"Quando nasce un bambino, 
anche nasce una mamma, e una Nonna" 
-Italian Proverb
(When a baby is born, also born, 
is a Mother and a Grandmother!')

till next time-
live beautifully!