LIFESTYLE: This Is The Year Of Mindful Living (Or Revival Of Ancient Practices) via Huff Post

 Zen Shui - Meditation Class (Sigrid Olsson via Getty Images)
There's been a growing interest in what's
being called 'mindfulness' over the past decade;
the cultivation of a focused awareness on the present moment.
Mindful living  and mindfulness is part of a much larger 'trend'
away from the 'overly stimulated, ADD-afflicted,
tech-saturated culture'  we've been living in.

 Celebrities and CEOs tout it for success 
(Oprah Winfrey- AP Photo)

What was once the domain of the spiritual set
has filtered into the mainstream,
 as more people are drawn to this idea
of shutting out distractions 
and focusing on the moment.
I am very much a proponent of
'mindfulness', 'mindful awareness', 
'being in the moment', 
(or whatever phrase resonates for you)

but I do not believe this is a 'new trend',
but instead a revival.
The concept has existed for
thousands of years, and now, is a renewal.
Seems anytime we get too disconnected -
from the earth, or from each other, 
this 'trend' rises yet again.

Well, great, I say, as it will do us all good.
It's my belief is that it's something
deeply ingrained in our inner consciousness  - 
 a kind of instinctual knowledge  and survival sense.
Because deep down, we all know
we cannot survive without
the earth and it's energy,
without our connection to our inner selves,
or without our connection to each other.

Mindfulness is a human 'reconnect' technique, 
now proven to increase our
physical and emotional well-being.
So, sounds good to me.

What about you?

That's my view...

and then comment to me with your thoughts on this topic.
I'd love to hear from you!

 ... and until next time,

live beautifully.