My Picks: Top Eco Friendly Gift Sources For Mother's Day and More, to Honor Your Earth-loving Organic Mom and Our "MOM" Earth

 We all know the basic choices for Mother's Day Gifts.
So here they are again, but with my picks for doing it with purchases
that are earth-honoring, eco, organic, compassionate and charitable!
Love your Mom, with gifts good for our MOM, planet Earth!
Ready? Here's my Top Picks:

__________ BAGS and JEWLERY _________

With eco-friendly gifts ranging in price
from $22.00 to about $220.
 -the specialty Marketplace
has a fantastic array of gifts 
 from independent designers.
(Horsefeathers - AVA- Turquoise Filigree earrings) 

 Whether it's eco, organic,
fair trade or recycled/vintage pieces,
all are available direct from the designer.

(Diane Grain Sack Tote from Sharp Hill Designs) Your purchase also instantly gives back
to your cause of choice at purchase.
Charity Donation are included in price, Free Shipping always!
Now that's a Win-Win-Win situation. 

__________ BEAUTY __________

Jing-Ai, which means 'Pure Love',
is make-up for lips, eyes and  face,
made from organic ingredients, and
Leaping Bunny Certified 'Cruelty-Free'. 
Purely beautiful.
Click to see the video where Jing-Ai
owner/creator Donna tells you her lovely story,
and the reasons why it's in my top picks.
You can buy Jing-Ai direct from, 
and SHOP online.

__________ FLOWERS __________

If you've been with this blog long enough, 
you know that I have written about 
why it's very important 
to seek out Fair Trade flowers. 
(Update: 1-800Flowers now carries Fair Trade selections)

Of course, it's even better if those flowers 
are also grown organically.
 Organic Bouquet now delivers nationally,
sending pesticide free, Fair Trade flowers
throughout the continental USA.
 Here's where to buy beautiful eco floral arrangements from them.
And read  here to know why they made my Top Picks.

__________ CHOCOLATES __________

Take it from a confirmed 'chocoholic' -
any time is a good time for chocolate.

And Mother's Day is no exception! 

I've had many amazing chocolates,
 but there is one brand that still
keeps hitting the top of my list:
Simply the best, for my criteria. 
and find out

 why I chose them.
  __________ TIME ____________

While gatherings, parties, going out are all 
wonderful ways to spend Mother's Day... 
 (photo by

sometimes, the simplest and most
relaxed get-togethers, enjoying simple pleasures, 
spending time together
can make for a lovely time
and the most memorable days. 
 Remember to spend some time to let Mom
know you appreciate all she does.

happy mother's day!

Hope you've enjoyed my simple eco suggestions
for honoring the Mom in your life. 

 Let me know how you celebrated.



  1. Hi Stephanie,
    I have been super busy from mid April until now -- and more busy days to come. Helped arrange help for my uncle in Florida by getting on the phone and emails, beginning mid April. I was IN Florida from April 23 to May 7, helping and arranging, and visiting my uncle. My uncle is quite ill. I hope you have been well.

  2. Hello MikeB. Sorry to hear of all your family challenges. It can't be easy, I'm sure. Hoping you will get a chance to enjoy a sweet Mother's Day, or at least a well-deserved relaxing weekend.

  3. Thanks, Stephanie. Seems like every year I get busier and busier helping my relatives. Don't get me wrong; I do it willingly and with love, but it's draining at times. And the paperwork and problems never end when dealing with doctors, nurses, caregivers, bills, etc.

    I was pretty busy again today. My second car, which is 23 years old, had a battery that was shot in April, but I put off dealing with it because I had to attend to something more important -- my uncle's needs. Today, I picked up a new battery at the shop, and I will install it in the old car on Monday.

    Tomorrow I have a lot of paperwork to do on account of my uncle, but I will enjoy a mom's day dinner out with my wife and our son, daughter-in-law, and grandson.

    Hopefully by the middle of next week I can take a breather for a few days before starting work on my own backlog of work.

    Enjoy your weekend, too.

  4. Hi MikeB, a catching-up note here! I know that now matter how much we are willing to do it- things are very complicated and frustrating these days. Hope you are taking good care of yourself and your wife through it all.