TRAVEL | FASHION: 4 Helpful Ways To Use Your Scarf While Traveling (Pt. 1)

 Travel season is just about here!
I've got reasons you should be sure 
to  not forget to to pack your scarf for the trip.
You just never know when you might need...

1. Head Covering
Use your scarf to respectfully cover your head upon 
entering churches, mosques, and temples.
Throughout Europe and Asia, covering your
head with a scarf or kerchief is often mandatory.
 With your scarf on hand, you'll avoid touring
with a doily or tissue on top of your head. 
2. Ban the Chillies
When you're out on a tour, or sitting outside dining
and the breezes pick up, or the sun goes down,
 a scarf wrapped around the neck, shoulders 
or wrapped around you,

can add welcome comfort and warmth.
And it
can also banish the chill
 when the inside the air-conditioning
is turned a bit too high or you 

find yourself in a draft.
3. Extend Your Style and Variety Of Your Outfits 
 To add a different look and a pop of color
- use your scarf as a belt or sash. 
Fold lengthwise into a thin rectangle, then thread 
scarf through your belt loops.
Knot it to the center,
off to one side with ends trailing,
or tie a cute bow-knot.
An easy way to add variety and
color to your travel style!

4. Decorative Helper
If you're out with your scarf and later decide
to remove it - don't put it inside your purse,
but tie it onto your purse or bag.
Fold it in half to shorten it,
tying both handles together.

You'll stand out for easy sighting by your
travel companions while shopping or touring.
More importantly,
you'll fend off would-be pickpockets
by keeping your bag (obviously) closed. don't you love your scarf even more?

What other helpful ways can you think of
for your scarf while traveling?  

Let me know your idea!

live beautifully,