FASHION: 21 Ultra Chic Ways To Wear A Scarf | via Bustle

 The Twisted Turban

  Sarah West Ervin is def sharing the Scarf-Love! 
  She's put together a selection of scarves
 and 21 fun, frisky and totally fab ways
 to wear your scarf this summer. 

 I'm showing you some of them here - 
such as...

The Tiny Cape

To quote Sarah:
"Just remember the golden rule of scarves -
There’s no wrong way to wear one." 

...and we agree! 

The Hat Bandit
Had to do it! Subbed the 'Hat Bandit'
pic with our lovely Mia wearing 
  The Yacht Knot 

She also sets forth some pretty hard-to-dispute scarf-points:
 Argument for scarves:
-They’re an affordable way to refresh your wardrobe.
-They’re the kryptonite to bad hair days.
-Their accessorizing potential is boundless.
-And, quite simple, they’re cute and fun.
Argument against scarves:
... [crickets]
Well, there you have it.
A completely objective, 
scientific examination of the facts.
Scarves are good for you.

again, we must concur! 

 The Faux Mermaid
You can see the entire set
of Sarah's 21 styles here

 One of the many great posts on Bustle!

So scarf it up and... 
live beautifully!


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