FAV QUOTE FRIDAY: Our Majestic American Wilderness Told Through Ansel Adams' Awe-Inspired Photographs

Mount Williamson in Winter, Sierra Nevadas -
By Ansel Adams, via The Getty Center

"In the wisdom gathered over time, 
I have found that every experience
is a form of exploration."
~Ansel Adams

Jeffery Pine, Sentinel Dome By Ansel Adams "So the Darkness 
shall be the Light,
and the Stillness
the Dancing."

~T. S. Eliot

"It is horrifying to me that we have to
fight our own government
to save the environment."
~Ansel Adams

"Once destroyed, Nature's beauty
cannot be repurchased at any price."

 ~Ansel Adams 

 Thanks to Ansel for his amazing photographs 
and for his tireless efforts 
to make known the value of 
our National Treasures; 
the beautiful American Wildnerness areas.

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