ECO FASHION | STYLE: Bubby and Bean Rock-n-Rolls in Beau Monde Organics and More with Boho, Gypsy, Vintage Accessories

by - 2:21 PM

Big thanks today to
eco fashion lifestyle stylist/designer/blogger,
Melissa Baswell Williams.
This post is via Bubby and Bean blog.
She's featured Beau Monde Organics' 
Jubilance-Sunset Stripe scarf
as the focal point of a fabulous
boho/rock-and-roll gypsy styled look.
(it was perfect for the party she was going to!)

Read the full post here >
Yes, this is the same Melissa of
Mountains of the Moon,
and her designs offer a full range
of gorgeous ethical eco apparel.
think this one is right in line with
Melissa's work as a
music industry fashion stylist

Have you worn this style or any of
the accessories Melissa's included? 
 Let me know!

till next time...
live beautifully,
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