FAV QUOTE FRIDAY: Fabulous Words From Famous Fashion Icons

  "One is never over-dressed
or under-dressed
with a Little Black Dress."

~Karl Lagerfeld

"In order to be irreplaceable,
must always be different."

Patrick McDonald, famed NYC gentleman dandy and friends
“Fashion is the armor to survive
the reality of everyday life.” 

Bill Cunningham

happy Friday!

live beautifully,


  1. Sorry, MikeB, looks like a missed a few of your comments! But makes me smile to know you like these! :-)

  2. I am not checking in as often lately. But when I do, I enjoy your posts. Have been both busy and lazy. What a combination.

  3. ha, MikeB - I find that amusing, yes it is a combintion, but one I can understand, so thanks. I've not been writing as regularly, but dues to being overly busy. Winding things up soon,hoping for no more detours or delays, and hoping to be back to regular posting in the next month! Cheers!