ECO LIVING: Planning Eco Travels Can Be As Simple As Choosing A Sustainable Green Hotel | Top 10 via Organic Spa Magazine

 Solange Calistoga - A long-time green resort
that has many eco-features. With electric car-charge stations,
full recycling practices, solar rooftop panels,
reclaimed water irrigation, and staff bicycles!


If you ever wondered if it mattered to
put the effort into eco-practices, 

the results of the committment of these
hotels proves the point that is very much is worth it: 

record amounts of water and energy resources saved 
and waste products recycled!

The Umstead, Cary, North Carolina -
The Umstead saved one million gallons of water 

last year, recycling is up 15 percent,
and their in-house 5-star restaurant
uses  up to 80 percent locally sourced ingredients,
with 28,000 pounds of bio-waste 

sent to compost last year.

Devils' Thumb Ranch, Tabernash, Colorado - The owners of
this stunning 6,000 acre property are so committed to
sustainable practices, they've won an EPA Award.


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of the 2014 Green Spa Awards:  
Hotels, Spas and Resorts chosen for
their outstanding Sustainable practices.

 Happy GREEN travels!
live beautifully,