FAV QUOTE FRIDAY | MINDFUL LIVING: Waxing Poetic on Flowers and Floral Arrangements - via Christina Lauren

“A garden to walk in and
immensity to dream in -
what more could he ask?
A few flowers at his feet 
and above him the stars.”
~Victor Hugo, Les Miserables

“I must have flowers, always, 
and always.” 
~Claude Monet

“She cast her fragrance 
and her radiance over me... ”
~Antoine de Saint-Exupery, 
The Little Prince, 
 regarding his Rose

 “A flower blossoms for its own joy.” 
 ~Oscar Wilde

Thanks to Christina Lauren,
 fab fashion and lifestyle blogger,
for inspiring today's Fav Quote Friday post!
To find out how you can create your very own
versions of these lovely floral arrangements,
see the great post from Christina Lauren 

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on her wonderful blog

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